Aug 28, 2019

Week One Wrap Up

Woohoo, Gears POP! has officially launched and what a whirlwind first week!

We’ve received a ton of contact from players, so thank you for your patience as we continue to work through support tickets. Since response times are currently delayed, we’ve compiled a list of trending questions and issues to keep you posted on what we’re aware of and working on.

Please note that this list does not include every piece of feedback or reported issue.

Trending Questions

Availability and Compatibility

  • Platform: All
  • Support: Please refer to your app store for availability and visit our FAQs for full compatibility details.

Daily Deal Pins purchase

  • Platform: All
  • Support: If the Pin hasn’t been unlocked, the first one will be used to unlock it with the remainder counting towards the Pin’s next upgrade. We’re looking into further clarifying this in-game and appreciate the feedback. If you had already unlocked the Pin and are missing one from your purchase, please reach out to the support team.
    ex. Player does not have Kait unlocked and purchases 4 Kait Pins. The first pin unlocks Kait and the remaining 3 count towards the next upgrade.

Inviting Players to Crews

  • Platform: All
  • Support: Inviting Players directly to Crews is not currently available in-game, but we appreciate the request and have shared it with the team.

Searching for a specific Crew

  • Platform: All
  • Support: As there are many Crews with similar names, we recommend searching for a Crew with the ID. To locate the ID, have a current member of the Crew tap the “i” button next to the Crew’s member count – the Crew ID will be under the name and usually starts with “clan.”

Text-to-Speech turned on

  • Platform: Predominantly iOS/Android
  • Support: For mobile devices, swipe left/right to navigate to Options and then down to Text-to-Speech. A quick double-tap will enable/disable.

Trending Issues

Duplicate charges on failed purchases

  • Platform: Windows
  • Support: We are actively working on a fix for this and the in-game store on Windows has been temporarily closed. For assistance with refunds on duplicate purchases, please reach out to your device’s store support. Any updates will be shared as they become available – thanks for your patience.

Missing Rewards for Horde

  • Platform: All
  • Support: We are currently monitoring this, but rewards appear to be delayed. Please close out of Gears POP! entirely and give it a fresh launch to refresh the connection and your inventory.

Stuck at 9% when loading into Gears POP!

  • Platform: Predominantly iOS/Android
  • Support: We have made some server side changes that should assist with this. If you continue to experience this, please ensure that Gears POP! and your device’s OS are up to date, close any additional apps that may be open, and ensure that your connection is at full bars and stable. Should the issue persist across multiple networks, please send additional details and screenshots to our support team.

Unable to login to Xbox Live

  • Platform: Predominantly iOS, with some reports on Android
  • Support: We are actively investigating this, but have made some server side changes that should assist. Any updates will be shared as they become available – thanks for your patience.

Win streak ending early with win

  • Platform: All
  • Support:  We are actively looking into this, but do not have additional information at this time. If you are encountering this, please reach out to our support team with details and screenshots.