Feb 25, 2020

Update: Version 1.8

Our new update revamps Win Streak packs into the new and exciting Omen Packs!

Omen Packs work a little differently to Win Streak packs. One big difference you’ll notice is that whether you win or lose, you will always make progress towards opening your Omen Pack whenever you destroy one of your opponent’s outposts to collect their Crimson Omens.

Reach the target of the pack and you’ll be able to open it! Your progress towards opening your Omen Pack will not be reset when you lose a Versus match.

Not only this, but we’re also introducing a First Win of the Day bonus! Every day, your first Versus win is now guaranteed to be an awesome Gear Pack.

You’ll notice one of your Gear Pack slots glowing when the First Win bonus is available. When you score that first win, whatever reward you would have received will be replaced with something even better!

Earn exciting rewards from these new and updated features today!