Jan 30, 2020

Update: Version 1.7

The latest version of Gears POP! brings Leaderboards to our Horde events.

Versus Leaderboards have been a chance to show the world what you’ve got and we’re extending that challenge to all the Crews out there! Horde Leaderboards run for each event and ranks are calculated from a combination of your Crew members’ best Thumper scores, weighted according to individual COG Tag total!

Get your Crew coordinated to take down our co-op bosses with brutal efficiency, etching your Crew name on the Leaderboards and earning sweet rewards in the process.

To kick things off, we’re bringing back the Brumak. Rally your Crew and leave your mark on the Leaderboards today!

Join us for the Horde event from 27/01 to 02/02 with Thumpers sent straight to your inbox, dropping in Win Streak Chests, and included in select Store Bundles.