Dec 2, 2019

Update: Version 1.5

Welcome to 1.5, Gears.

Our latest update is brings a number of changes to the battlefield: the addition of Crew Bounties, Arena 7 – Old Town, new Pins, and some requested balance changes.

We’ve already chatted a bit about Crew Bounties, so lets jump into Old Town. The classic map from Gears 3 and Gears 4 is reinvented in Gears POP! style and unlocks at 2000+ COGs. Players looking to rank up to the top tier Leagues will need to push harder than ever:

  • Bronze League: 2400+
  • Silver League: 2800+
  • Gold League: 3200+

Familiar Faces

  • Victor Hoffman (Legendary) – 4 Power
    • Allies on the field with Skills will benefit from his presence – when he enters the battle, Hoffman fully charges all their Skills, and then increases all Skill charge rates for the rest of his lifetime.
  • Power Generator (Rare) – 6 Power
    • Want more Power? Want to play more Pins? Want to destroy all who appear before you?! This will be quite useful for that.

Balance Changes

We’re doubling down on troop specialties, with a focus on Pins and squads that want to play many, many Troops. We’re also making the Grinder better at taking out high health targets.

Some of the biggest changes this update:

  • RAAM is currently both a great defensive and offensive option. We’ere lowering his offensive capabilities by removing the damage dealt to Objectives from his Kryll Swarm after deploying him.
  • Myrrah is now much cheaper and provides ALL your wretches (not just the ones she summons!) with a damage boost, no matter where they are on the battlefield – bring your Wretch Packs and Emergence Holes and let Myrrah command them to victory!
  • It can be difficult to know how to counter an enemy Gnasher Gang – to help this, we’re reducing their health and movement speed, but adding an extra Gnasher soldier to the Gang. We’re not lowering their damage output though, so their overall damage as a group will be higher!
  • Kantus has been redesigned: When you play a Kantus, it will provide a one-off bonus health boost to nearby Troops. This will help your units be able to take an extra couple of shots before going down!

Full list of the changes is as follows:

  • General: Players start battles with 3 power, down from 6.
  • Gnasher Gang: Health decreased 37%, Movement Speed decreased to 5 (from 7), Number of Soldiers increased to 4 (from 3)
  • Grinder: Health increased 15%, Attack Speed decreased to 0.6 seconds (from 0.7), Damage deals less damage for the first few shots, but now deals much more after several consecutive shots on the same target.
  • Kantus: redesigned to provide +30 flat bonus health (at level 1, increasing with each level) to all troops nearby when deployed, no longer provides a damage aura, increased the range the buff affects allied troops, stats have otherwise not changed
  • Myrrah: Power Cost decreased to 5 (from 7), Health decreased 23%, Spawns wretches simultaneously, rather than one after the other, now gives ALL friendly wretches in play +25 flat bonus damage (at level 1, increasing with each level) while she is alive.
  • RAAM: Kryll Swarm attack no longer deals damage to Objectives