Nov 4, 2019

Update: Version 1.4

Welcome to 1.4, Gears.

This update brings a number of changes to Gears POP!. Some of the key changes include:

  • Reworked the Thumper inventory
  • Filtered out expired Thumper invites from Crews chat
  • Greater info in pin management on stats, unit types, and abilities with extra tool tips
  • Ultimate is now selected by swiping to it in the Ultimate carousel, rather than tapping the Use button
  • Widened the window to ‘queue’ up a pin for play ahead of having enough power
  • Various upgrade and purchase animations can now be skipped
  • Increased visibility on the unlock conditions for Boot Camp missions
  • Given ability to dismiss notifications in relation to Bounties
  • Streamlined reward sequence animations
  • Smoothed the initial load into game
  • Squad average power updates accurately with every tweak
  • Additional minor improvements and fixes

Familiar Faces

  • General RAAM (Legendary): 10 Power
    • Uses unmatched strength and command over the Kryll against enemies
  • Bernadette Mataki (Epic): 6 Power
    • Inspires anybody in cover with her to fire faster
  • Sam Byrne (Rare): 5 Power
    • Uses Shock Grenades to slow down her foes and finishes them off with a Snub Pistol
  • Onyx Guards (Common): 4 Power
    • These two will stick together on the battlefield, so don’t expect them to go down different paths

Balance Changes

The 1.4 update brings a number of balance changes:

  • Locust Drones have been all over the battlefield, so we’re adjusting their damage to give opposing Pins a better chance to fight back.
  • Longshot Gears received a significant damage buff, but now need longer to line up a shot leaving them vulnerable to faster Pins.
  • It can be frustrating to defend against an Emergence Hole combo directly on top of your Outpost or Leader, so we’re reducing placement range but increasing their power. You can now only deploy the Emergence Hole inside your territory and it now spawns Wretches in packs of three with a short gap between each grouping. It’s much deadlier, but capturing territory is now a must to take advantage of its awesome power!

We know the Emergence Hole Ultimate is a big part of many Squads, so all users will receive 150 Crystals via Inbox message as a thanks for your patience around this change.

Here is the full list of balance changes:

  • Damon Baird: summoned Sentry no longer loses health over time.
  • Del Walker: faster to launch his first attack on a new target, enters cover faster and enemies who get hit more than once with a Buzzsaw blade take even more damage.
  • Drone Division: there was some confusion around the level of individual Locust Drones deployed by playing the Drone Division Pin. To clarify: A level 1 Drone Division spawns 2x level 6 Locust Drones, then +1 level for each time the Drone Division Pin increases in level.
  • Emergence Hole: spawns 3 wretches every 4 seconds for its lifetime, can now only be deployed inside your territory.
  • Jack: Power cost decreased to 6 (from 7), Skill Range increased to 20 (from 16), prioritizes the target with highest health, and can now target fortifications. Some visual issues with Jack’s Skill were also fixed.
  • Lancer Crew: there was some confusion around the level of individual Lancer Gears deployed by playing the Lancer Crew Pin. To clarify: A level 1 Lancer Crew spawns 4x level 6 Lancer Gears, then +1 level for each time the Lancer Crew Pin increases in level.
  • Locust Drone: Damage decreased 20%
  • Longshot Gear: damage increased 125%, Attack Speed: increased 7.5 seconds (from 5)
  • Marcus Fenix: Capture rate increase 5 times faster (from 3 times), Movement speed increased to 6 (from 5)
  • Reyna Diaz: Crit damage increased to 400% damage (from 300%)
  • Seeder: Range decreased to 50 (from 52)
  • Shock Barrier: no longer loses health while in your own territory.