Oct 8, 2019

Update: Version 1.31

Welcome to the latest update, Gears!

Lots of changes coming through with this update including new pins, added customization for your Leader, and balance updates. We’ve also reduced the number of draws by making threats better at pushing through enemy lines.

Familiar Faces

Let’s break down the newcomers a bit more in case you want to switch up the squad:

  • Anya (Legendary): 3 Power
    • Enemy objectives takes 100% more damage for 6 seconds.
  • Drop Pod (Epic): 4 Power
    • Airdrop in 3 Shepherds anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Del Walker (Rare): 5 Power
    • Buzzsaw bounces between nearby enemies, dealing increasing damage with each bounce.
  • Ticker (Common): 1 Power
    • Place a Ticker that lasts 35 seconds. When an enemy comes near, it runs at them and explodes. Also explodes on timeout or on death.

Showcase your Style

Deck the halls for Fall with the latest customization options for your Leader. Win new torsos, legs, emblems, and custom logos – or check out the store. Arenas, Leagues, and custom events will have unique rewards and stay tuned – there’ll be even more options in upcoming seasons!

Balance Changes

We’ve reduced the health of some of the cheaper and more aggressive units, and increased the effectiveness of some of the more expensive or explosive pins.

  • Augustus Cole: Attack speed increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1.3)
  • Boomer: Health increased 42%, Damage increased 22%, Damage radius increased 2, Attack Speed increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1)
  • Butcher: Health increased 42%
  • Clayton Carmine: Health decreased 5%, Damage increased 50%, Attack speed increased to 2 seconds (from 1)
  • DR-1: Damage decreased 17%, Range decreased to 12 (from 16), Attack speed decreased to 1.4 seconds (from 1.5)
  • Drone Division: made stats equivalent to a Locust Drone of the same level (up from 2 levels below), Cost decreased to 8 (from 9)
  • Grinder: Range decreased to 21 (from 22)
  • Hammer of Dawn: Damage decreased 6%
  • Ink Grenade: Damage per tick decreased to 27 (from 40)
  • Kait Diaz: Health increased 54%
  • Lancer Gear: Health decreased 47%
  • Lancer Crew: made stats equivalent to a Lancer Gear of the same level (up from 2 levels below)
  • Longshot: Health decreased 38%, Damage 19%
  • Old Man Marcus: Health decreased 15%, Damage decreased 11%, Attack Speed increased to 1 second (from 0.7)
  • Savage Grenadier: Health decreased 37%, Damage increased 29%
  • Sentinel: Damage decreased 20%
  • Shepherds: Health decreased 40%, Attack Speed increased to 0.7 seconds (from 0.6)
  • Snub Soldiers: Health decreased 40%
  • Wretches: Speed increased to 10 (from 7)