Sep 9, 2019

Update: Version 1.2

The latest version of Gears POP! is available today.

Before we jump in, we want to mention that the Xbox Live Login issue continues to be a top priority. The cause has been identified and the team is working on a solution. We’ll be sharing updates on our social channels and we appreciate your patience.

Version 1.2

Today’s update adds some upcoming content to celebrate the launch of Gears 5 and continues our balance adjustments based on feedback from you – our players.

With Gears 5 launching this week, there is a new Arena (Vasgar), pins, and an upcoming limited-time event. Stay tuned for more details.

Here is the full list of changes based on your feedback and our close monitoring:

  • Augustus Cole: Health decreased 6%, Damage decreased 8%
  • Butcher: Damage increased 19%
  • Clayton Carmine: Health decreased 23%
  • Damon Baird: Health increased 13%
  • Dom Santiago: Health decreased 46%
  • Frag Grenade: Damage increased 14%
  • Ink Grenade: Power decreased to 3 (from 4), Duration decreased to 8 seconds (from 12), Damage decreased 25%, Damage Interval decreased 1 second (from 1.5), and Area decreased 30%
  • Locust Drone & Drone Division: Health increased 25%, Damage increased 23%
  • Longshot Gear: Health decreased 3%
  • Marcus Fenix: Health decreased 14%, Attack Speed increased to 1.2 seconds
  • Myrrah: Wretch Level increased to Myrrah’s level +3, Health decreased 13%, Summoning switched to periodically rather than upon entering combat
  • Nemacysts: Damage decreased 6%
  • Old Man Marcus: Health decreased 20%, Damage decreased 31%
  • Seeder: Damage decreased 63%
  • Sentry: Health decreased 33%, Damage increase 63%, Attack Speed increased to 1.2 seconds (from 0.5)
  • Shepherds: Health decreased 12%
  • Shock Grenade: Damage increased 320%, also updated to deal damage over time with a duration of seconds and damage interval of 1 second
  • Skorge: Health decreased 29%, Damage decreased 26%, Attack Speed decreased to 0.7 seconds (from 1), Skill Damage decreased 45%, Skill Heal decreased 25%