Jun 13, 2020

Update: Sudden Death

As part of our continued effort to improve the quality of Gears POP!, we’ve been assessing the state of the game systems, and we’re going to be making changes to the way Sudden Death works.

We believe that draws do have a place in Gears POP!, but should only happen when a game has been exceptionally close, so to help close out games, and to make Sudden Death a little more tense, both players’ Outposts will start losing a fixed amount of health per second, until one player’s is destroyed, and the game is over.

During Sudden Death, Outposts now lose 20 health per second. If both Outposts have been destroyed when Sudden Death starts, Leaders lose 30 health per second. A pulsing red outline around the Objectives will indicate when this is in effect.

Now get out there, Gears, and claim those victories!