Feb 6, 2020

Spotlight: Windflare

Step aside, Seeder and time to close up that Emergence Hole; there’s a new Ultimate in town!

Ride the storm with the Windflare! Generate a maelstrom to hit the whole battlefield hard.

All active Troops in play from your opponent get the Vulnerable status applied and have their movement speed slowed down. It may pack less of an immediate, damaging punch than the previous Ultimates but it can be a powerful factor of turning the tide of battle by crippling your opponent.

The ‘Ultimate: Windflare’ will be available in the store between 03/02 to 10/02 – for free! Be sure to get your first Pin while it’s still available, but if you miss out or want to level up the Windflare – additional versions of the Pin can drop in Gear Packs from Arena 5 and upwards.