Jun 13, 2020

Spotlight: Tai Kaliso

Welcoming a new Pin to our lineup for Season 10!

Tai Kaliso (Rare) – 7 Power.

Tai is a warrior philosopher, a man the size of a boulder fully in touch with his spirituality – and he also really has it out for your Fortifications…

Tai may get an odd look from his allies every now and then, especially when he begins discussing the philosophy behind war in the midst of battle, but he is held in high esteem and there isn’t a single soldier who wouldn’t want him on their team. Using a long-range rocket launcher (probably because no one else can carry it), he deals double damage to Fortifications, and his power-packed rockets also deal splash damage. His only drawback is his limited minimum range – he is unable to target enemy pins that are close to him.

Tai isn’t a cover-taker – he’ll walk slowly up the field, stopping to shoot once he locates a target. He’s a great Pin to slot into any decks that struggle against Fortifications, with the bonus of also dealing area damage, so he’s also great at clearing the field of swarms if you manage to get him targeting the right thing. He might not have a lot of health, but in decks that he can support he’ll be a key piece in achieving victory. Look for Tai Kaliso in Arena 8 Gear Packs and above!