Apr 6, 2020

Spotlight: Scion

A new Pin enters the fray for Season 8!

Scion (Common) – 8 Power. Welcome to the fight, Scion! This badass stomps his way down the battlefield – a survivor, a leader, a double-gun-wielder.

That’s right, you heard us – this Locust soldier finds one Hammerburst Rifle just isn’t enough! Scion inflicts even more damage as he shoots his target with not one, but two guns.

Scion is a high-health, high-damage, high-cost Tank – and he’s not afraid of anything… He’ll slot perfectly into any Squads that have time to wait for more expensive Pins, with the payoff of having powerful allies and durable Troops on the battlefield to really threaten your opponent’s forces, or to soak up the damage allowing any fragile Pins to shine and stay alive for longer. Look for Scion in Arena 3 Gear Packs and above!