Mar 3, 2020

Spotlight: Mina Jinn

A new Legendary Pin joins the fight for Season 7!

Mina Jinn (Legendary) – 6 Power

Powerful politician, DeeBee master and now, formidable ally… While you may not always see eye to eye with Mina’s principles, her unyielding loyalty to her cause cannot be debated.

With her strength of will and unwavering beliefs, Mina enters the battlefield with an indisputable statement. The first thing Mina does is deploy a dome shield in an area around her, that protects all of her allies from any external damage – your grenades and bullets won’t make a dent to that dome!

The only hope against the dome shield is if a Pin manages to infiltrate it and cause havoc from within… Once the dome shield has run out of energy, she will then proceed down the field, piloting her trusty DeeBee suit, providing extra fire power.

Look for Mina Jinn in Arena 7 Gear Packs and above!