May 9, 2020

Spotlight: Gabe Diaz

A new Pin joins the fight for Season 9: Gabe Diaz (Legendary) – 5 Power

Gabe is a war hero, a leader, a father, and on his way to secure a foothold for you on the battlefield!

Gabe is an inspiration to all who know him, and he’s never lacking good soldiers to join him in the fight. For every piece of cover that has been captured before he is played, Gabe will spawn a Lancer Gear to aid him once he deploys.

Gabe is a cover-taker himself, that will slot seamlessly into decks that want to utilize other cover-takers, as well as have the ability to quickly increase your territory. Gabe’s on deploy call to arms, allowing him to bring a varying number of Lancer Gears to aid him, not only lends him extremely well to squads that rely on having and gaining territory, but also allows you to bombard your opponent with a high number of Pins in quick succession. Perfect for those territory-heavy squads, as well as the squads that rely on throwing countless Pins at your enemy! Look for Gabe Diaz in Arena 8 Gear Packs and above!