May 13, 2020

It's time for Season 9

Welcome to Season 9!

Reach Bronze League to get ahold of Anya’s Armour for your Leader, or push further to Silver and Gold to get unique Season 9 emblems!

Season 9 is an extra special season that we are using to celebrate Gears Tactics, which has just released for Xbox One and Windows! With the launch of this new turn-based strategy in the Gears universe, we thought it would be a great chance to show off one of its stunning environments, Nedroma, with a new Arena 8 map, as well as a brand-new Pin from Gears Tactics. Kait’s father, Reyna’s husband, and Oscar’s brother – the one and only, Gabe Diaz!


With this update, we wanted to address some of the more powerful Pins, that have consistently seen high play and win rates. It can be hard to justify playing some of the other Pins, when certain Pins are so consistently powerful and ubiquitous, and we always want you to be able to play your favourite Pins and squad. So, the intention of this update is to bring the outliers down a bit, to be more in line with everything else, based on data at high levels of play.

  • Myrrah is consistently one of the best performing Pins in the game. While she should be powerful in the right strategy, she should not be a go-to in every squad you create. We’re lowering her value when played alone to ensure that she thrives when played in the right squad, but is less impactful on her own.
  • Similarly, Emergence Hole provides a ton of value on its own. For its long duration, it applies a lot of pressure and can even stall games by being dropped on top of an opponent’s push. We mentioned in the last balance update that “positioning should matter”, and so, keeping with that theme, the Emergence Hole can now be targeted by enemy Pins, as well as summoning one less pack of Wretches.
  • Speaking of Pins that are in a lot of decks, we’re toning down Reyna’s overall DPS. We’re lowering her health and attack speed, which should keep her as a good answer to high-health pins still, but make her less of a threat on her own.
  • Spotters and Power Generator go together like peanut butter and jelly! Although this was always the intention, both are performing better than we would like. Power Generator will now generate 5% less power, and Spotters are much more fragile, as they should be played for their ability, rather than their stats.
  • Because of how much more value the Kantus ability now provides (to many more Pins, compared to before the changes), we’re lowering the effectiveness of it. Overall we’re happy with the direction, but it is greatly overperforming at the moment.

Balance Changes


  • Pins will prefer going for the enemy Leader after one Outpost has been destroyed if they are closer to the Leader.
  • Drop Pod: Level of Shepherds: +2 -> +4 of Drop Pod’s level
  • Emergence Hole: Health -25%, Duration 15 seconds -> 12 seconds, Can now be targeted by enemy Pins
  • Juvies: Health +22%, Damage: +33%
  • Kait Diaz: Health -18%, Health gain per level decreased
  • Kantus: Cover Wait Long -> Medium, Ability health increase -32%, Ability damage increase +5 damage at level 1, down from +6. Now only increases once every 3 levels, rather than every level.
  • Mina Jinn: Melee troops can now damage Pins inside the shield, regardless of them being outside it or not. Fixed a bug where Fortifications did not drain health while protected by the shield.
  • Myrrah: Health -20%, Time between Wretches: 6 seconds -> 9 seconds
  • Nemacysts: Damage -25%
  • Power Generator: Increased Power Generation +30% -> +25%
  • Reyna Diaz: Health -23%, Attack Speed: 1.3 seconds -> 1.6 seconds
  • Spotters: Health -38%
  • Windflare: Also now increases the movement speed of all your Pins by 20% for the duration.