Mar 2, 2020

Welcome to Season 7

Season 6 just ended. Congrats to everyone who made it to the Bronze League or higher reaping the exclusive Season 6 rewards!

Season 7 kicks off today, with all League Ranks refreshed, so get out there, make your mark on the Leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards. Reach Bronze League to get a hold of Reyna’s Armour for your Leader, or push further to Silver and Gold to get unique Season 7 emblems!

Balance Changes

Bolster your defenses and dust off your Longshots; JD and Baird are here to ensure that no enemies make it near your Objectives!

  • JD is now the best ally a cover-taker could ask for – rather than going Down But Not Out after he becomes fatally wounded, he watches over the friendly Troop in the same cover as him. If that ally were to take fatal damage, they will go DBNO. JD will then revive them as soon as he is not shooting something. Your opponent is going to have to think twice about Fragging your Longshot Gear or Deadeye when JD’s covering them!
  • For anyone looking to set up a first line-of-defense, Baird is now your go-to. Rather than building a sentry after capturing cover, he will now start building an upgrade whenever he is in cover, as long as you own it. Not only that, but after building it he will now continue working on it and upgrade it 3 more times! A 3-star sentry is an intimidating force…

Full Change List

  • Damon Baird: Health -22%
    • Builds sentry while being in cover you own, rather than on capturing cover. Sentry can be upgraded 3 levels after being built to increase its health and damage. Sentry now loses life slowly, but every upgrade increases its overall lifetime
    • Future Baird Pins can pick up from where the last one left off if the sentry survives!
  • Dom: now heals affected pins for 50-72% of their maximum health (depending on Dom’s level)
  • Fahz: Health +29%, Damage +100%, Skill Charge Time 16.6 seconds -> 12 seconds
  • JD: Power Cost: 5 -> 3, Health +73%, Damage -22%, Attack Speed 1 -> 1.3 seconds
    • Allied Troops in the same cover as JD gain DBNO, and he will revive them as soon as he is not in combat. No longer goes DBNO himself after taking lethal damage
    • Stays in cover for a long time, sometimes longer than usual to cover Pins less likely to move on, such as snipers, or Baird
    • Now classified as a Tank
  • Myrrah: Movement Speed 3 -> 4
  • Nemacysts: Damage area has been changed to be significantly more reliable, and no longer has dead-zones in between each Nemacyst. Target area has been updated to reflect this.
    • Nemacysts fall much faster
  • RAAM: Kryll Swarm animation speed increased, allowing the damage to happen sooner. Overall damage unchanged.
  • Skorge: Health +20%