Feb 3, 2020

New Pins & Balance Update

Season 6 is upon us, joining the fight this February come another two new pins – including the first brand new Ultimate! To celebrate this coming to the game, for one week only all players can get their first version of the Pin for FREE for the first week only! The ‘Ultimate: Windflare’ will be available in the store between 03/02 to 10/02 – be sure to get yours today!

Windflare (Epic) – Ultimate

This Ultimate will blow you away. And all of your enemies! Summon a storm that applies Vulnerable and slows the movement speed of all enemy Troops and damages them over time.

Juvies (Rare) – Power Cost: 2

These little mutants are crazy fast, insanely vicious and go straight for your enemy’s Outposts and Leader. In fact, by the time you’re done reading this, they would already be at the other end of the battlefield and wrecking an enemy Objective!

Keep an eye out for them dropping in Gear Packs. Windflare will drop from Arena 5 Gear Packs and above, whilst Juvies drop from Arena 7 and higher.

Balance Changes

With this season’s update, alongside a brand new Ultimate, we’re also making some changes to the two existing ones, as well as improvements to higher cost Pins, to make them worth the investment.

  • Emergence Hole now takes damage from anything that deals area effect damage – such as Ink Grenade, Boomer explosions, and, just like in other Gears games, Frag Grenades! The charge time has also been increased ever so slightly.
  • Seeder is already a very powerful Ultimate, but is overshadowed by the Emergence Hole’s lower charge time. We’ve lowered the charge time of the Seeder significantly to give it a chance to fight back.
  • Del has been one of the most powerful Pins in the game since his release, and he is scary to face off against. He is intended to be an “anti-Pins-in-cover” Troop, rather than a group-specialist and so we’ve significantly lowered Del’s base damage, but upped the bounce damage multiplier. This means that two Troops in cover will take roughly the same damage as before this update, but if the damage is spread across more units, everything takes much less damage now.
  • Skorge has been reworked! His ‘Leap’ Skill is now a more frequently occurring passive ability rather than a Skill”” , he now deals single-target damage and is one of (if not the best) brawler in the game, going toe-to-toe with the strongest of foes. Every third attack on the same enemy is a leaping critical hit, dealing huge damage. Not only that, but if Skorge senses a nearby enemy is Stunned, he will prioritise that target and leap to them, even if they’re far away! Bring out your Stun Grenades and Stun Trackers to give Skorge a huge damage boost, and even have him leap onto an enemy Outpost, or make a hasty exit from a losing fight. Be careful though, Skorge is not very good against large groups of Pins!
  • DR-1 shared too similar of a niche to Boomer, so we’ve reworked it to be a hefty, high-cost, but extremely durable Tank, specialising in area effect damage.
  • We’ve put a lot of love into Jack’s Skill this update, with many bug fixes and quality of life changes. Although his Skill charge time has increased slightly, the first time charges twice as fast! Now you can slam Jack down in a panic as a quick answer to high cost Pins.
  • Lastly, Jack and Sentinel are now classed as Aerial Pins, and cannot be attack by any melee or close-range Pins. Please check a Pin’s advanced stats page to see whether or not it can target Aerial Pins.

Del Walker

  • Health: -18%
  • Damage: -40%
  • Horizontal attack range has been lowered.
  • Enemies that take damage from multiple bounces take a lot more damage.
  • These changes are aimed to make Del better against smaller groups of enemies (for example, 2 enemy troops in cover), but less effective against larger swarms.


  • Power Cost: 6 -> 8
  • Health: +133%
  • Damage: +118%
  • Improved area effect damage detection. More likely to attack units near its primary target.
  • Explosion Damage: -50%
  • Explosion Radius: 12 -> 14

Emergence Hole

  • Now takes area effect damage.
  • Health at level 1: 540
  • Charge time: 50 seconds -> 55 seconds


  • Skill Charge Time: 8.3 seconds -> 10 seconds
  • Jack’s Skill charges twice as fast for the first use (5 seconds for first skill charge).
  • Can no longer be attacked by melee or close-range pins.
  • Can now move while shooting.
  • Bug fixes around Hijack Skill.

Kait Diaz

  • Damage: -13%
  • Myrrah
  • Damage: -45%


  • Kryll Swarm attack no longer damages fortifications or troops in cover.


  • Charge time: 66 seconds -> 58 seconds


  • Can no longer be attacked by melee or close-range units.
  • Health: -33%
  • Damage: +50%
  • Attack Speed: 2.5 seconds -> 2 seconds
  • Increased projectile speed of attack.


  • Power Cost: 6 -> 4
  • Health: -8%
  • Damage: +118%
  • Attack Speed: 0.7 seconds -> 1.5 seconds
  • Skorge now deals damage to one target, rather than area effect damage.
  • Skorge’s Leap is now a passive ability, rather than a Skill
  • Skorge now performs a leaping critical strike every third attack on the same enemy, or whenever a nearby enemy becomes stunned.
  • The leap prioritises the enemy with the highest health when multiple enemies are stunned.
  • The leap deals reduced critical damage against Objectives (but still does a lot of damage!).

Stun Tracker

  • Health: +18%


  • No longer has a duration.

Winter Kait

  • Health: +54%
  • Animation of empowered attack is faster, and next basic attack comes much quicker.
  • After destroying an enemy pin, picks a new target (or gets back to moving) immediately, rather than waiting for a few seconds.”