Jan 3, 2020

Season 5 and a Balance Update

Congrats to those who made it up to Bronze League or higher, reaping the exclusive Season 4 rewards!

Season 5 starts now, with all League Ranks refreshed for the start of the first season of 2020. Get out there and make your mark on the Leaderboards!

Reach Bronze League to get ahold of Winter Kait’s armor for your Leader, or push further to Silver and Gold to get unique Season 5 emblems!

Balance Changes

This balance patch is aimed at toning down some of the stronger, more used Pins, while giving some of the lesser played Pins a chance to become worthy of your Squad. We’re also normalising the Shock status effect to have a 50% potency, rather than varying per Pin (apart from Shock Barrier; see below for more details).

  • Sam was intended to be a support Pin for your other Troops and cover takers by providing the Shock Grenade to turn the tide of a fight with its Shock effect. The Shock effect was crippling, and the damage even more so. We’ve retuned Sam to be more of the support Pin she was intended to be, by giving her more uptime on her Shock Grenade, while lowering its damage.
  • Kait has been the undisputed best Objective-destroying pin for a while now. She’s fast, durable, and pumps out a lot of damage. When Kait had lower health a few updates a go, she was rarely able to get a shot off on an objective, so we’ve decided to lower her damage slightly instead. This means she’ll still be durable enough to reach the Objective and get a couple of shots in if placed well, but will take more shots to actually destroy it.
  • Old Man Marcus is now focused and ready for action after performing a roll, rapidly increasing his attack speed for a short duration – only a hero as seasoned as this old man could roll into a losing battle and win that decisively!
  • Winter Kait is seeing a few changes – firstly, both her basic attack and empowered attack deal area damage now. She’s had her damage lowered across the board to account for this, but she has a new passive ability: ALL her attacks deal double damage to Objectives! This means that she can no longer be distracted by a single Lancer placed just next to your Outpost – you’ll have to deal with her sooner. Her empowered state takes a little longer to activate, but she’s now much faster and cannot be interrupted once in it.
  • Shock Grenade was dealing a bit too much damage for its cost – we’ve lowered its damage, but it has benefited from the Shock changes, gaining more potency. This should be a great tool for giving your Troops the edge in a fight, or for slowing down faster enemy Pins.

Full list of the changes is as follows:

  • Del Walker: Health decreased 13%
    • Drop Pod: Shepherds now spawn faster after the Drop Pod lands
  • Kait Diaz: Damage decreased 27%
  • Old Man Marcus: gains a brief burst of increased attack speed after rolling
  • Sam: Shock Potency decreased to 50% (from 75%), Shock Grenade damage tick rate increased to 1 second (from 0.5), Shock Grenade recharge time decreased to 12 seconds (from 15)
  • Shepherds: can now mantle over cover
  • Shock Barrier: not affected by the global changes to Shock, as part of its ability is that its Shock Potency is stronger than other sources. (No changes.)
  • Shock Grenade: Damage tick rate increased to 2 seconds (from 1), Damage per tick increased 20%, Shock potency increased to 50% (from 35%)
  • Winter Kait:
    • Movement speed: 5 -> 4
    • Now deals area damage on basic attacks.
    • Damage: -46%
    • Empowered attack: Single target -> Area damage
    • Empowered attack damage: -66%
    • Empowered attack charge time: 3 seconds -> 5 seconds
    • Empowered movement speed: +75% -> +125%
    • Empowered attack no longer Stuns affected pins.
    • Is now unstoppable while empowered (cannot be Stunned, Shocked, Slowed, knocked back or have her damage reduced).
    • Winter Kait deals double damage with ALL attacks against Objectives. The Breaker is a powerful weapon!