Jun 13, 2020

Season 10

Attention Gears!

Season 10 is in full swing with all League Ranks refreshed, so get out there, make your mark on the Leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards.

Reach Bronze League to get a hold of Gabe’s Armour for your Leader, or push further to Silver and Gold to get unique Season 10 emblems!

Balance Changes

This season brings some improvements to some lesser played pins, and toning down the defensive capabilities of the Sentinel’s shield. Good luck in the new season, Gears!

Anya Stroud

  • Skill Duration: 6-8.1 seconds (depending on level) -> 10 seconds (at all levels)

Bernadette Mataki

  • Can now wait in cover longer than her usual cover wait time if the Pin she is sharing cover with does not move on before her.

Clayton Carmine

  • Health: +7%
  • Improved area damage hit detection on basic attack.

Damon Baird

  • While Baird is building or upgrading a sentry, that sentry no longer drains health.

Savage Grenadier

  • Range: 24 -> 30


  • Health: +9%
  • Damage: +43%


  • Shield Duration: 4 seconds -> 2.5 seconds