Aug 22, 2019

Ready? Set? Launch!

Launch day is here!

With the Gears POP! finally in your hands, we’ve got a few modes to get you ready for the Arena?

  • Training – Don’t be caught flat footed! Train with General RAAM himself and learn all of the basic moves and skills to take onto the battlefield.
  • Bootcamp – Need another boost? Complete tactical challenges to work on your moves and earn some coins to help with those upgrades.

Once you’ve had your fill of practice, hit the Arena and see how you stack up when the stakes are real.

  • Versus – Who doesn’t love a little PvP? Prove yourself in 1v1 combat to earn crates and level your pins. Season 1 starts today, so rank up to Bronze or higher for even more loot.
  • Horde – Team up with a fellow Crew member to best the Horde for excellent rewards.

We cannot wait to see your super squads, your battle boasts, your courageous crews… you get the idea.