Oct 2, 2019

Month 1, Season 1, and Updates!

Thank you, Gears, for an amazing first month! Gears POP! players have taken on countless waves of Horde, bested the Versus battlefields, and ascended through the achievements; some of you have even unlocked Seriously POP! – that’s seriously awesome.

Bring on Season 2

With our first month complete, so is our first Season of Versus. If you made it into Bronze, Silver, or Gold League, then you will have been received a loaded Gear Pack with rewards for your final placement. Remember, Cog Tags reset at the end of each Season, so that you’ll have a fresh start with the next one; the number that you’ll be reset to is available throughout the Season by viewing the Arena information.

During the Season rollover, some users received a message indicating that they finished in a lower League in Season 1, and some had their Tags reset down to 1599 (Arena 5), not 1999 (Arena 6). We’ve verified that the Season end rewards were correct despite the message and image being incorrect – so all players did receive the rewards intended for their final League. As for the improper Tag reset, compensation has been sent to all users via an inbox message.

Welcome to Arena 6

Our latest update introduced a brand-new Arena into the mix – Blood Drive. This is the sixth Arena in Versus and you can enter this battlefield once you reach 1600+ Tags. Blood Drive is the final Arena before you enter the Leagues and it features new pins for you to unlock.

New Pins, who dis?

The Arena 6 Pins need no introduction – Anya Stroud, Del Walker, Drop Pod, and Ticker.

Keep an eye out in your inbox if you picked up a Gears POP! Collector’s Box and redeemed the code inside. Now that Anya has arrived, the remaining rewards unlocked with this limited-edition box will be coming your way.

There are still a few out there in the wild if you haven’t grabbed one yet! Check with your local Funko Pop! retailer for availability or order through GameStop.