Nov 29, 2019

Crew Bounties

You’ve been collecting coins and crystals by completing those Daily Bounties…now it’s time for your Crew to get in on the action!

Crew Bounties are weekly events with harder challenges – and higher rewards. Every week, your Crew will get three Bounties to complete through PvP and Horde mode battles; they may look tough, but a resilient Crew can make it through anything.

Completing a Bounty gives every Crew member crystals to collect. What’s more – if you complete them all before the time runs out, you’ll be able to collect a Bonus Bounty!

But beware – if you don’t complete and claim those Bounties before the Bounties refresh, they’re gone. So look lively, pull together, and earn those crystals!

To kick things off, complete the first set of Crew Bounties to get some exclusive Thanksgibbing logos.